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Welcome to the NintendPals!

Welcome to the NintendPals Blog. Here you can find out where to listen to the show, how to contact us and anything else you might need to know about your favourite Nintendo Podcast.

If you’re new to the show or you’ve stumbled across this page then let me introduce us. Myself (Myles) and Nick are two Dad’s that live in the UK and love Nintendo, we started the show as an excuse to have a chat once a week but the podcast has blossemed into a great community of gamers from around the world. If you listen to the show each week you’ll get hear the latest news from the world of Nintendo, what we’ve been playing including retro reviews, chats about our favourite and not so favourite gaming ¬†topics and questions from our awesome listeners.

NintendPals is also apart of the Nintendo-Okie family. Please check out their website for great reviews, news, features and more gaming podcasts.

For more information about where to find the show, click the various links at the top of the page and until we see you…

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.